Challenges in the professionalization of care work in Andalusia

Evangelina Olid González
M. Teresa Martín Palomo
José María Muñoz Terrón
Inmaculada Zambrano Alvarez
Publicado en: Östereichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie 43(1).
Año de publicación: 2018
Páginas: 31-47.
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The care of persons is now an important source of employment in most Western countries. Particularly, sociodemographic changes have led long-term care for the elderly to become a growing niche. This paper presents the results of the project, Geographies of Care Work, the implications of its privatization on employment creation, funded by the Spanish RDI National Plan and based on qualitative research conducted in Andalusia (Spain). The paper analyses how the implementation of the Promotion of Personal Autonomy and Care of Dependent Persons (2006) has contributed to the professionalization of care work in private households in Andalusia. It discusses how the effects of the economic crisis of 2007/08 have challenged the implementation of this policy. This context, as the paper argues, has limited the aims of this policy to professionalize care work and recognize the working rights of care workers.

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