Du tabou à l’incitation

Vieillissement et redéfinition des relations de genre en Espagne

Carmuca Gómez Bueno
Hélène Bretin
Publicado en: Genre, sexualité & Societé, nº6., Automme 2011, Vieillir.
Año de publicación: 2011

In the context of the progressive ageing of the Spanish population, strategies to face the problems related to solitude and dependence start with increasing and improving social services and reinforcing the knowledge and solidarity networks. Also important is the creation of new couples characterized by more egalitarian relations. To rebuild a couple´s life at an older age requires a new moral to help them rise above the obstacles of male domination. We analyze here some of the serious repercussions of that system of domination in older women´s sexual life,from its absence until Viagra´s appearance-one of the most powerful manifestations of that stagnant domination. Despite deep social changes in Spanish society after 40 years of repression, the social moral encouraging sexual activity throughout life seems to remain one of apparent release only.

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